Top 5 apartment or house rental websites in Canada

Before the invention of internet, Rental & Leasing business were mostly categorized as “local businesses” and now many of them turn into national or global businesses. Now, these businesses are able to tap markets outside of local reach with the help of internet platforms. The size of internet savvy new generation has grown ten times in last decade and brought radical changes in today’s marketing strategies.

Affordable housing is thankfully pretty easy to come by. It is finding one you actually want that is the problem. The right location, the right size and the right price are the basic determining factors, but there is so much more involved when it comes to apartment hunting that makes all the difference between a happy home and just a place to keep your stuff.

Others say finding a great apartment in big cityies’ tough rental market can often be easier if you keep in mind some tried-and-true advice. Check out older buildings – Condo listings are a dime a dozen in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Monteral, Calgary. But those glass towers are often built after 1991, which means they are not subject to rent control like older buildings — which could lead to higher initial rent, or a nasty surprise increase later. Try almost-finished ones – On the flip side, renting a unit from a brand new building that’s not even finished yet could also lead to a deal. Use a real estate agent. Look for apartment and house rental websites.

Though there are many sites/forums to spread your rental place information, interestingly not all websites show your contact information without having rent seekers to register with them. Some provide wide range of services related to property management and rental needs, some use various advertising outlets, such as social media, MLS (multiple listing service), in-house website etc. to ensure rental properties get maximum exposure at market value pricing.

Finding an rental apartment or a house in Canada is a lot easier when you know where to look. Finding a decent website is a good first step. Here are top 5 picks for the apartment and house rental websites in Canada. If you’re condo hunting with a realtor chances are they’ve guided you to this website. Find your dream home by narrowing down your search with preferences of budget, bedrooms, bathrooms and number of days on the market. Go to to learn more. Prospective tenants can easily search for Canadian rental properties. No registration is required; the contact information of the property manager or property owner is listed right along with the rental. Stay on top of new listings by signing up for our alert service, which notifies you whenever a new property matching your criteria is listed on the site. Go to to learn more. View It an easy online option and listings come with photos, and the site allows you to save queries. Enabling the savvy apartment-seeker to search by rental company, neighborhood, price, and preferred type of residence makes. Go to to learn more. Not only does the website show you the average rent for different types of units in Toronto it also highlights three property details of each unit as you search. Once you select one you like browse through photos, floor plans and other details. Go to to learn more. Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations in Canada as well as around the world. Go to to learn more.

Even though all efforts are in place for marketing the rentals properties, prospective tenants will not see rental properties until owners, property managers and leasing agents start advertising properties at most of the above. I would definitely like to know your comments on this article. Please, post your comments below.


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